I: What is Fantasy Judgment?

Fantasy Judgment is an independent, expert dispute resolution service for fantasy sports leagues.  It is the highest authority in fantasy sports jurisprudence thanks to its panel of expert judges who impartially resolve any and all disputes, issues and conflicts that may arise in a fantasy sports league.  Fantasy Judgment will help maintain the integrity of your fantasy sports league through its professionally written legal decisions based on case law, common sense, statistical analysis, practicality, and the Court’s own fantasy sports experience.

II:  Is my fantasy league bound by Fantasy Judgment’s decision?

Your league’s commissioner ultimately has the final authority on your issue.  However, it is recommended that your league’s Constitution be amended to include a provision for dispute submission to Fantasy Judgment.  This will alleviate the pressure on your commissioner to resolve every issue and remove any purported impropriety on his behalf.  Additionally, it is recommended that an additional fee be included for each league member to contribute to the costs of fantasy judgments.

III: Does Fantasy Judgment respect my privacy?

We do!  We only require valid email addresses so that decisions can be sent to you.  Plus, your payment information is private and secure with PayPal.

IV: What if I do not agree with the Court’s decision?

The short answer is: too bad.  By its very nature, a dispute contains differing opinions on a particular issue.  As a result, one side will likely not agree with the decision rendered.  However, the Court’s decision should be considered final.  While we cannot guarantee the absolute correct decision subjectively for all parties, we can guarantee that your issue will be decided expeditiously and neutrally. 

V: What information or data should be provided in a case submission?

To help facilitate the most detailed and analytical decision, you should provide as much information as possible. This includes citations to your league’s rules, scoring system, league structure, rosters, contracts/salaries for keeper leagues, and anything else relevant that will assist us in rendering a decision. You should also include persuasive arguments, background, and precedent in further support of your position.  Once the dispute is submitted, the Respondent has the opportunity to reply. After that, the information is provided to the judges for a decision.

VI: What are some examples of disputes or issues that arise in fantasy leagues?

Most fantasy sports league disputes arise from alleged unfair trades.  Other examples of issues are: enforcement of a league’s rules, timing of transactions entered, adjustment of retroactive statistics, position eligibility, scoring errors, financial or monetary disputes,and  improper roster moves.  There could be a myriad of other issues that arise, but this list represents the most common cases submitted to the Court.

VII: How does the Court reach its decision on a case?

Each issue or dispute is analyzed on a case-by-case basis.  Depending on the information provided by the Appellant and Respondent, the judges will weigh all factors involved, including the rules of each league and the persuasiveness of the arguments made.  After considering these factors, the judges will consider their own fantasy sports experience and render a decision that is the fairest given the information provided and available.

VIII: How much does it cost to utilize Fantasy Judgment’s services?

There is a charge of only $15.00 per dispute submitted.  We also offer a season package of $100.00 for unlimited disputes submitted.

IX: What if a decision is not timely rendered by Fantasy Judgment?

If there is no reply by the Respondent, then the time frame for a decision is technically 48 hours from the time a dispute is submitted by the Appellant.  If a decision is not rendered after 48 hours from the time a dispute was submitted, or if a decision is not rendered within 24 hours of the Respondent’s reply, please contact michael.stein@fantasyjudgment.com and your payment will be refunded through PayPal.