What is Fantasy Judgment?

Fantasy Judgment is an independent, expert dispute resolution service for fantasy sports leagues.  When people participate in fantasy sports leagues, undoubtedly issues arise within the league that require decisions to be made.  Most times, these decisions are made by a league commissioner who may not be qualified or impartial enough to make such a decision.  Or, decisions could be left to a league-wide vote, which is just as disastrous.  That is where Fantasy Judgment comes in.  Fantasy Judgment is a veritable pantheon of experts with decades of fantasy sports experience coupled with impressive professional backgrounds that enable us to settle any and all disputes that may arise.

Fantasy Judgment is also a vehicle for commentating on the fantasy sports business and industry.  With the industry skyrocketing in popularity, participation, and prosperity over the last several years, it has become recognized as a legitimate business despite still suffering from negative stigmas attached to its image.  Fantasy Judgment looks at the fantasy sports industry from historical, legal, and sociological perspectives, as well as through the lens of a league commissioner.