Tuesday Top Ten fantasy baseball headlines – August 9, 2011

Welcome back to another edition of the Tuesday Top Ten list of relevant and newsworthy fantasy baseball stories.  Now, without further adieu, here are the Tuesday Top Ten fantasy baseball headlines for August 9, 2011.

10. Mmm Bop (no, not that Hanson) – Braves pitcher Tommy Hanson will have his next start skipped which means he will not be doing much of anything for you this week.  He has been having some shoulder pain which is not a good thing to hear from a young ace pitcher.  Reports indicate that he should make his start following this break, but keep a close eye on him as he has struggled over his last five starts.  If you are relying on him down the stretch in your league, you may want to start exploring a back-up plan or some alternatives.

9. Pagan Worshippers – With Jose Reyes back on the disabled list with another hamstring injury, Angel Pagan will bat leadoff for the Mets.  It has been a disappointing year thus far for Pagan who is coming off a break-out season in 2010.  But back in the leadoff position for a few weeks, he could return to his 2010 form and start spraying the ball all over the field and rack up stolen bases.  The Mets have proven to be a feisty team no matter what the circumstances, so Pagan could be the catalyst they need to stay competitive the rest of the season.

8. I’m from Holland…isn’t that weird? – That was a reference from Austin Powers: Goldmember in case you aren’t shagadelic, baby!   It has been a good run for pitchers whose last name is Holland – both Derek and Greg.  Derek Holland has been lights out for Texas throwing four shutouts over the last several weeks and emerging as a top starting pitcher.  Greg Holland has emerged as Kansas City’s primary set-up reliever for closer Joakim Soria.  He has the lowest ERA in the American League of any pitcher with at least 39 and 1/3 innings.  If you need help in ERA, WHIP or holds, he could be your man.  Or, if you wine and dine him, he could also be your man.  I’m just saying…

7. Take two and call me in the morning…or next year – Not to make light of the situation, but Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts is looking more and more like he will not return at any point this season.  He is still experiencing headaches and migraines which have halted his progress.  He would have been considered a big late season addition at a scarce position, but with a condition such as this it is unlikely he will be able to make much, if not any, impact at all this season.  He is worth stashing on your disabled list if you have the roster spot, but do not count on much from him.   

6. Moore Ovaltine please (I meant pitching) – The next stud pitching prospect of the Tampa Bay Rays could get called up this season.  Matt Moore is rumored to be a possibility for a call-up and a role in the bullpen similar to how David Price was introduced in 2008.  He is definitely worth picking up and stashing if you are in a keeper league.  He has ridiculous strikeout numbers in the minor leagues and is projected to be a top of the rotation pitcher.  If only people in Tampa Bay cared as much about their players as fantasy team owners do.    

5. Bay-sic Instinct Despite raising his batting average 12 points over the last week to a pedestrian .250, Jason Bay still sucks and is an albatross on the Mets payroll.  It is true that he has shown some life in his bat lately, even hitting two homeruns this past week.  I still don’t trust him, but if he happens to continue producing at this clip, he may become a relevant fantasy option once again down the stretch.  Who am I kidding?  He still sucks.  This concludes your weekly rant about Jason Bay.

4. Sizemore matters – Indians outfielder Grady Sizemore has been sidelined for weeks after undergoing surgery and is not likely going to return before the end of the month.  He has been hurt and missed significant time since 2009, which is a shame for the ultra-talented and multi-faceted fantasy stud.  He is worth stashing if you can because he will come back in the middle of a pennant race.  But after several years of agonizing injuries and surgeries, he cannot be depended on to produce at a clip that we grew accustomed to before 2009.

3. Na na na na, na na na na, Jorge…goodbye – Yankees designated hitter and former terrible catcher Jorge Posada has been indefinitely benched again by Joe Girardi.  This was inevitable as Posada nears the end of his career.  His benching essentially opens up the Yankees DH spot which coincides with the impending return of Alex Rodriguez.  As I have written about before in this column, it would make sense to have Eduardo Nunez become the DH when A-Rod gets back at third base.  Nunez has shown he can hit major league pitching but plays the infield as well as the lovechild of Daniel Murphy and Roger Dorn.  If this happens, Nunez will be a very valuable fantasy player as he qualifies at both SS and 3B.  Hint – I added him four weeks ago and haven’t looked back (well, besides to take a glance at Posada crying in the dugout).

2. Beltran has a limp wrist – Before anyone starts accusing me of throwing stones, Carlos Beltran has been out of the Giants lineup the past couple days with a sprained wrist he suffered swinging the bat.  He had an MRI which confirmed it was only a sprain, so he should be back shortly.  Beltran has not hit much since being acquired from the Mets, but when healthy he should continue producing at the same rate he was before the deal.  This is tricky for people with weekly lineups because they had to commit to him on Monday not knowing how many games he would miss.  Chances are he will be back by the end of the week.    

1. Jose can you see, my hamstring is really tight – Sing that sentence to the tune of the beginning of the Star Spangled Banner and it will make more sense.  Once again, baseball’s most exciting player and fantasy darling Jose Reyes is on the disabled list with a hamstring injury.  He initially sustained the injury in early July and then missed about three weeks before being cleared to play.  However, he tweaked the same hamstring again and is looking at another three weeks, at least, before he is back.  This has caused a lot of headaches (not related to those endured by Brian Roberts) for fantasy baseball teams who relied on Reyes to lead them to the Promised Land.  Assuming he recovers and rehabs well, he could be back by the beginning of September.  But that is unknown right now which means you should start thinking about replacing him if you are in a fantasy baseball pennant race.

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