The Bench

The Supreme Court of Fantasy Judgment is comprised of a panel of four judges.

Michael A. Stein, Esq, – Chief Justice

Chief Justice Stein is the founder and owner of Fantasy Judgment, LLC. He has over 25 years of fantasy sports experience having broken into the industry at six years old when his father’s fantasy football league added a junior division in 1985. In 1990, he began his fantasy baseball career participating in the Baseball Challenge salary cap league sponsored by Baseball Weekly. In 1992, Stein began his first venture as Commissioner when he created the Old Bridge Fantasy Football League which lasted 5 years. Then, in 1999, Chief Justice Stein created the epic Old Bridge Fantasy Baseball League which has continued to set new standards of excellence in fantasy sports in its second decade of existence. He has won the league on three separate occasions (1999, 2002, 2007), all while acting in a dual capacity as league member and Commissioner. Chief Justice Stein authored his league’s Constitution and annually amends it with innovative and creative new ideas.

The Chief Justice earned his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Penn State University and subsequently graduated New York Law School in 2004. Currently, he works as a Complex Claims Director managing and evaluating the litigation of multi-million dollar excess insurance claims for one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

In the last quarter of a century, Stein has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in both fantasy sports and the law. He now combines these two skills and passions into his role as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Fantasy Judgment by creating the industry’s most prolific body of fantasy sports jurisprudence.

Marc Stein – Associate Justice

Associate Justice Marc Stein is regarded as an innovator and pioneer in the fantasy sports world. Back in 1979, Associate Justice Stein is credited with creating one of the first recorded head-to-head fantasy football leagues. The OBIFL (Old Bridge International Football League) was one of the first leagues to establish a point value system associated with players’ statistics and match them against competitors’ accumulated point values. For over 30 years, Associate Justice Stein has acted as Commissioner and participated in fantasy football, baseball and basketball leagues. Currently, Justice Stein is a two-time fantasy baseball champion in Chief Justice Michael A. Stein’s fantasy baseball league (OBFBL – Old Bridge Fantasy Baseball League).

Associate Justice Stein holds a Business Administration from Rutgers University and an MBA from Rutgers University. He has over 30 years of senior financial management and consulting experience. Associate Justice Stein’s extensive fantasy sports experience and professional business acumen qualify him as an expert in fantasy sports arbitration.

Ari Teplitz – Associate Justice

A fellow pioneer in the fantasy sports universe, Associate Justice Ari Teplitz has been participating in fantasy sports leagues since 1991. He has been a team owner and a commissioner in more than 10 different leagues, across three sports (baseball, football and basketball). A two-time league winner and four-time finalist, Associate Justice Teplitz has extensive experience in keeper leagues, rotisserie leagues, 5×5 leagues, and head-to-head leagues. He has made good trades, he has made bad trades, he has been lucky and he has been not so lucky. The bottom line is that few fantasy sports participants, if any, can match Associate Justice Teplitz’s experience, success or longevity.

Associate Justice Teplitz has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management from the University of Massachusetts and a Masters Degree in Theatre Management from the Yale School of Drama. His professional career spans nearly a decade and includes experience as a non-profit fundraiser and an event planner. Throughout his entire professional career, Associate Justice Teplitz has utilized and mastered professional negotiation skills while also relying on his unparalleled strategic planning proficiency. Associate Justice Teplitz brings a strong level of professionalism and accuracy to your judgments.

Jeffrey Mickletz, Esq. – Associate Justice

Associate Justice Jeffrey Mickletz, Esq. has participated in fantasy sports for almost 20 years, including baseball, football and basketball. Besides being a member of various leagues, Associate Justice Mickletz has extensive experience as a Commissioner in both fantasy football and basketball leagues. While he has won multiple fantasy sports championships in his career, Chief Justice Mickletz is most proud of the innovative measures he has undertaken in running fantasy sports leagues which paved the way for current trends. Two examples of this innovation in fantasy football from the early 1990’s are awarding bonus points for yardage totals, as well as drafting individual defensive players.

Associate Justice Mickletz earned his bachelor’s degree in Social Studies from Elizabethtown College and subsequently graduated Penn State Dickinson School of Law in 2000. He practiced law for five years at some of the most prestigious and historic law firms in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Currently, he works as an underwriter for one of the world’s largest insurance companies. In this capacity, Associate Justice Mickletz negotiates multi-million dollar premiums with Fortune 500 companies.