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Passing Judgment – Goodbye Posada, Hello Pineda

Until now, it has been a conspicuously quiet offseason for the New York Yankees.  They didn’t make a splash with any big name free agents.  In fact, they weren’t even involved in any rumors surrounding big name free agents.  There weren’t even any rumors about them making any trades outside of potentially trying to find […]

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June 14, 2011 – Tuesday Top Ten Fantasy Baseball Headlines

Greetings and salutations to the fantasy baseball universe.  It is everybody’s favorite day of the week (and by everybody I mean nobody), so that means it is time for the Tuesday Night Top Ten list of newsworthy fantasy baseball happenings.  We are now in Week 11 of the season which is hard to believe because […]

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Tuesday Night Top Ten – May 3, 2011

Tuesday Night Top Ten – May 3, 2011 According to reliable sources such as the internet and high school students, Tuesday is the least popular day of the week.  In an effort to bring some respect, credibility and entertainment back to Tuesdays, I will be paying homage to David Letterman and provide a weekly Top 10 […]

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