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MLB 2013: Ten Bold Predictions

It is my journalistic obligation to preface this article by saying that no one at Fantasy Judgment, including the author of the following article, is in possession of Gray’s Sports Almanac or has ever been certified with psychic powers.  After spending the past several weeks analyzing and breaking down hundreds of players for fantasy baseball […]

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Passing Judgment – April Fools’ Day is over, right?

The great thing about spring training and Opening Day is that every major league baseball team starts off on equal footing and thinks they have a chance at making the playoffs.  Everyone has a clean slate, so the past is forgotten and the future is is pursued.  Coming into the 2011 season, most “experts” predicted […]

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Baseball is back…hope springs eternal.

The 2010 baseball season is now underway.  It couldn’t have come soon enough.  As a Mets’ fan, I was anxiously awaiting the beginning of the season as a way to cleanse my memory and soul of the disaster that was 2009.  I had the fortune of attending the Opening Day game against the Marlins on […]

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