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2010 OBFBL Draft

This past Sunday, the 12th annual Old Bridge Fantasy Baseball League (“OBFBL”) draft took place.  In keeping with tradition, this year’s draft was as unpredictable as ever.  Recently I posted an article on the blog asking where all the pitching has gone and proclaiming that it didn’t appear likely that many pitchers would be drafted […]

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The Dish From the Commish – March 20, 2010

Since 1999, the overall structure of the Old Bridge Fantasy Baseball League has remained the same.  It has never been a keeper league, so there has been a fresh draft with a random order selected each and every year.  The most drastic structural change the league has ever undergone was expanding from 16 to 18 […]

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Where has all the pitching gone?

I have been the Commissioner of the Old Bridge Fantasy Baseball League (“OBFBL”) since 1999.  In the past 11 years, based on the structure of the league and the point values associated with various scoring statistics, one of the major keys to success is having a good to great pitching staff.  Much like real baseball, […]

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