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Coach Dennis’s Diary: Fantasy Baseball – Plugging Holes

Coach Dennis’s Diary – Plugging the Holes By: Dennis Esser (@coachesser) Oh how I miss the straight forwardness of fantasy football positions.  If you lose a wide receiver to an injury you pick up another wide receiver. No fuss no muss, as they say.   I wonder if it was always that easy.   Can you imagine […]

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Top Ten Fantasy Football Disappointments of 2011

As we head into the last week of the 2011 NFL regular season when most fantasy football leagues have been completed, we can now look back in retrospect at what went right or wrong during the season.  For the most part, superstar players who are projected to perform well do in fact match those expectations.  […]

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Tuesday Top Ten Fantasy Football Headlines – December 6, 2011

For some leagues, it is now officially fantasy football playoff season.  This is the time of year where some people are reaping the benefits of sound draft strategy, savvy team management, aggressive trading maneuvers, and clever handling of the waiver wire.  This is also the time of year where others think of ways to explain […]

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