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Passing Judgment – Amar’e is Sorry

It was less than a month ago that I wrote a previous edition of Passing Judgment about Amar’e Stoudemire and the fact the Knicks would be better off without him.  Sure enough, he returned from injury and played fairly well down the stretch as the Knicks made their final drive towards the playoffs.  When the dust settled […]

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Passing Judgment – A Positive Spin on the Knicks

As a Knicks’ fan, I am very disappointed and frustrated that they have lost the first two games of their first round playoff series against the Celtics.  These two losses have been excruciating and arguably should have been victories.  There wasn’t much hope for the Knicks to realistically win the series anyway, but now being […]

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Passing Judgment – Not a Fun Week in Sports

Besides having some personal medical issues this week (no worries – everything is fine now), it was not a good 7 days to be a fan of the sports teams that I root for.  I have become immune and accustomed to disappointment when it comes to my sports allegiances (outside of a couple Giants’ Super […]

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