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Sidekicks vs. Bread Breakers – 5 F.J. 264 (November 12, 2013) – Fantasy Football Trade Dispute (A.Morris/D.Amendola)

SUPREME COURT OF FANTASY JUDGMENT Sidekicks vs. Bread Breakers ON PETITION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI FROM AN ANONYMOUS FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE Decided November 12, 2013 Cite as 5 F.J. 264 (November 2013) Factual Background A member of an anonymous 12-team, PPR (points per reception) league has submitted a trade for review by the Court.  No […]

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Fantasy Football Fest Expert Draft – Review and Analysis

On August 18, 2012, I participated in the Fantasy Football Fest Expert Draft in Atlantic City, NJ.  I had the privilege of drafting with some of the industry’s biggest names such as Jeff Mans, A.J. Mass, Mike Beacom, Scott Engel, Tony Cincotta, Adam Ronis, Dr. Roto, Mike Clay and Rob Shaw.  I had the fortune […]

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Fantasy Football Top Ten Rookies for 2012 – July 21, 2012

It is always difficult to accurately predict and project the performances of rookies within the context of fantasy football leagues.  A player’s performance in college does not always translate into the NFL.  There are also other factors to consider such as teams’ roster depth, playing time, and injuries.  But after what Cam Newton accomplished in […]

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