Summary Judgment: Fantasy Baseball Recap for June 9, 2013

Here is the Court’s brief recap of the happenings in fantasy baseball for Sunday, June 9, 2013.

1. The revolving door of injuries.  It is difficult to keep track of who is coming and going on the disabled list as the laundry list of injured players has been quite extensive thus far.  There could be bad news on the horizon for big time players such as Ryan Braun (unrelated to Biogenesis…we think), Matt Kemp, Hanley Ramirez and others.  Braun is suffering from a lingering thumb injury which caused him to be removed from Sunday’s game.  A trip to the DL could very well be in order.  Kemp had been rehabbing his injured hamstring but suffered a setback on Sunday which will likely keep him sidelined a few more weeks at the least.  Ramirez is also still dealing with his own hamstring issues which have cost him several weeks this season.  He went for an MRI and could be back on the DL very soon.  In terms of good news, Giancarlo Stanton is set to return on Monday for the Marlins who unfortunately do not play the Mets again for awhile.  Stanton had just started to find his swing before injuring himself earlier this year and should provide fantasy owners with a nice boost in power production.

2. Still in a Puig of his own.  The magical week of Yasiel Puig concluded with a three-hit game on Sunday in a losing effort against the Braves.  Puig’s numbers for the week included a triple slash of .464/.483/.964 with four homeruns, 10 RBI, and ONLY four strikeouts.  It was an incredible week for the rookie sensation who should continue getting plenty of playing time with Kemp and Carl Crawford on the DL and Andre Ethier being slightly banged up and extremely unproductive.

3. What happens in Vegas hopefully comes back to New York.  Finally, after weeks of speculation and anticipation, the Mets have finally demoted Ike Davis to the minor leagues and shipped him out to Las Vegas.  It has been a brutal season for Davis whose batting average is .161 with only five homeruns.  Davis had similar struggles during the first half of 2012, but the difference was that the Mets were winning and Davis started showing signs of breaking out by this point last year.  After his monstrous second half of 2012, Davis was considered almost a sleeper in fantasy leagues this year given his ability to put up big time power numbers.  Instead, he has been a fantasy albatross and has found his way to the waiver wire in a large percentage of leagues.  If your league has a deep bench or minor league spots available, he is worth taking a flier on in the hopes he is called back up soon and remembers how to hit.

4. Don’t make Moore of this than necessary.  After starting out 8-0 and drawing comparisons to Babe Ruth in terms of left-handers his age with such a record to start a season, Ray’s pitcher Matt Moore has immediately returned to mortality over his past two starts.  On Sunday, he was shelled for nine runs and 12 hits, both career highs, in a loss to the Orioles.  This was after he was destroyed by the Tigers in his previous start earlier in the week.  Put it together and it looks something like this for his weekly totals: 7 innings, 14 earned runs, 7 walks, 7 strikeouts, 2 losses.  Remember, he is still a very young pitcher with less than two years of major league experience.  Do not give up on him and do not sell him off for less than he is worth.

5. Anaheim is where careers go to die.  After a little more than two months’ worth of games, it is easy to conclude that Josh Hamilton is a complete bust with the Angels.  After Sunday’s loss to the Red Sox where Hamilton went 0 for 5 batting second in the order, his batting average has dropped to .212  to go along with only eight homeruns and 18 RBI.  Plus, he has now struck out 65 times this year.  Whether he is feeling pressure to live up to the lucrative contract he signed or he is injured or he has lost his talents, there is no denying that fantasy owners are quickly losing their patience.  Albert Pujols struggled mightily last year during his first season with the Angels, so perhaps Hamilton needs some more time to adjust.  On the other hand, Pujols has struggled almost as much as Hamilton this season so maybe there is something in the water in Anaheim that saps players’ abilities upon arrival.  Or maybe the Angels just carelessly shell out money to players on the wrong side of 30.

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