Fantasy Baseball: The State of Play (Week 2)

The State of Play – Week 2

By: Kyle Brown (@CavghtLooking)

Week 1 Report Card:

Yu Darvish – In the last segment I warned owners against taking Yu’s near-perfect start as an indication that his control problems were a thing of the past. In Yu’s two starts since opening day, he has walked five batters in 11 innings while striking out 14. Conclusion: Darvish is still going to be a high-k, high-walk kind of pitcher for the foreseeable future.

Roy Halladay – Last week I was optimistic about Halladay’s velocity and his ability to generate strikeouts. However, Halladay’s second start was a disaster and his third start was against the Stanton-less Miami Marlins. I am not as optimistic about Halladay as I was in week 1 and I would advise managers to sit the Doc until he shows the ability to handle decent lineups.

Tim Lincecum – Tiny Tim is still a trainwreck. He either walks too many or give up too many runs. I advised managers to stay away from Lincecum after his first start, and his two starts since then (11 innings and 10 earned runs) have confirmed my advice.

Chris Davis – Davis is up to 6 home runs and 19 RBI on the season, but I still maintain that his success is just a part of a hot streak that will eventually fade. Get as much as you can for Davis as soon as possible.

Mike Morse – Morse, like Davis, has 6 home runs and was on a tear before he fractured his pinky.  I was higher on Morse than I was on Davis last week, but the injury could screw up his rhythm for a time.

Week 2 Pitchers of Note:

Paul MaholmPaul Maholm is making the Pirates look very foolish for letting him walk away after the 2011 season. In his three starts so far this year, Maholm has yet to allow a run and is striking out a batter per inning. I do not think that Maholm has turned into fantasy ace, but I am extremely encouraged by the strikeout total he has amassed thus far. His BB/9 is at an all-time low and his K/9 is at an all-time high. My advice: if for some reason Maholm is still unowned in your league grab him as fast as possible and hold onto him until his production changes. This is going to be the best season of Maholm’s career.

There is no other way to say it: Hyun-Jin Ryu is freaking killing it. Ryu’s 2.06 FIP indicates that he has actually been better than his sub-3.00 ERA. The only thing that gives me pause with regard to Ryu is that this is his first time through the league and his 89-90 mph fastball isn’t all that impressive. In short, I do not think that he can keep up this level of production for a full season. My advice: see if you can trade Ryu for a more established ace that you can count on to give you quality innings throughout the entire season. I would target a struggling ace like Cole Hamels (7.56 ERA).

Week 2 Hitters of Note:

Coco Crisp is the third ranked hitter in Yahoo currently and it is easy to see why. Crisp has 4 stolen bases and is slugging a ridiculous .688. I do not have any faith in Crisp’s ability to hit like this, or anything close to it, for a full season. Crisp has been around for a while so it is unwise to think that his torrid start is the result of him turning over a new leaf or finding a fountain of youth. My advice: don’t pick up Crisp. The hot streak will be over quite soon.

Vernon Wells was traded to the Yankees and has been producing at a fantastic rate so far this season. His .324/.405/.649 line is certainly way above what he is going to produce for this season, but I think that the move to Yankee Stadium could usher in a return to fantasy relevance. My advice: pick up Wells and slot him into your lineup. I think he is going to have a good year in pinstripes.

Quick Hits:

It looks like I may have been right about Dexter Fowler’s value. He has 6 home runs on the season and most of the damage has been done on the road. The window to acquire him at a discount is closed.

Albert Pujols has a .293/.444/.537 triple slash. On top of that, he has only struck out three times. Looks like I may have been wrong about him.

Justin Masterson is having himself quite a season so far. Don’t expect it to continue. Masterson has always struggled to keep the ball in the ballpark and so far this season he has allowed zero dingers. Masterson’s luck in that department will turn, rendering him mediocre.


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