PFF Fantasy Going Deep 2 SuperFlex – Fantasy Football Draft Review

LeSean McCoy 2I recently completed a slow draft in the PFF Fantasy Going Deep 2 SuperFlex fantasy football league hosted on  This is a 12-team PPR league comprised of some terrific fantasy football experts.  The league has some interesting settings and quirks such as the fact it is a SuperFlex meaning you can start two quarterbacks.  There are also no kickers, team defenses, or individual defensive players.  Rather, you start 13 players with either 1-2 quarterbacks, 3-4 running backs, 6-7 wide receivers, and 1-2 tight ends.  This created some interesting scenarios and definitely affected everyone’s draft strategy.  I was randomly assigned the 2nd overall pick in the draft which made my decision fairly simple – take either LeSean McCoy or Jamaal Charles.  Sure enough, Charles went first overall so I happily selected McCoy (he was my preference anyway).

My entire roster is below with the round and pick each player was drafted in parentheses.

QB Drew Brees-NO (2.11)
QB Andy Dalton-CIN (6.11)
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick-HOU (18.11)
RB LeSean McCoy-PHI (1.02)
RB Montee Ball-DEN (3.02)
RB Frank Gore-SF (9.02)
RB Maurice Jones-Drew-OAK (11.02)
RB Knile Davis-KC (14.11)
RB Ronnie Hillman-DEN (17.02)
WR Pierre Garcon-WAS (4.11)
WR Emmanuel Sanders-DEN (5.02)
WR Reggie Wayne-IND (8.11)
WR Hakeem Nicks-IND (10.11)
WR Kenny Britt-STL (12.11)
WR James Jones-OAK (15.02)
WR Kenbrell Thompkins-NE (16.11)
TE Vernon Davis-SF (7.02)
TE Delanie Walker-TEN (13.02)

This was a draft where one of my pre-meditated strategies shifted in mid-stream and I am very glad that it happened.  Having the second overall pick meant I had to wait 20 picks before I made my second selection.  I was planning on doubling up at wide receiver in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, but that is not what happened.  Since this is a SuperFlex league where we can start two quarterbacks, it makes much more sense to ensure you are stacked at that position.  Peyton Manning went 3rd overall in the 1st round and Aaron Rodgers was taken right before me in the 2nd round.  So I decided to grab Drew Brees knowing it was unlikely that he would make it back to me two picks later.  The team with the wrap-around then selected two quarterbacks meaning Montee Ball made it all the way to me in the 3rd round.  Instead of taking a receiver, I grabbed Ball and established one of the best running back duos in fantasy football with McCoy and Ball.  Needless to say, I did not envision having a quarterback and two running backs by the 4th round.

Fortunately there were still several quality wide receivers to choose from by the time I selected again in the 4th round.  I took Pierre Garcon as my first receiver which is a solid pick given the great rapport he had with Robert Griffin III last year.  I also like the fact that Jay Gruden will be implementing a more pass-happy offense and the addition of DeSean Jackson will give Garcon some favorable matchups.  Right after that I took Emmanuel Sanders who is primed for a big season in Denver.  This draft took place before the news about Wes Welker’s suspension broke, but either way Sanders is going to have a breakout season with Peyton Manning throwing the ball to him.

Later on I was able to get Reggie Wayne in the 8th round and Hakeem Nicks in the 10th round.  Both of these Indianapolis receivers are great value at those spots.  Wayne is coming back from a major knee injury, but he looks healthy and will be Andrew Luck’s favorite target.  Nicks is coming off a down season and now is looking to re-establish himself as the Colts’ third receiver.  He didn’t catch a single touchdown in 2013, but my money is on him getting between 5-8 scores this season.

Andy DaltonAs for my second quarterback, it is all about the timing.  There was a major run on quarterbacks in the 6th round heading up to me, so I grabbed Andy Dalton who was clearly the best available that remained.  I am very happy with this selection because Dalton is a great regular season fantasy quarterback.  He will throw for 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns which is great for my SuperFlex position.

My next running backs drafted are a little long in the tooth, but I think I can squeeze enough out of them to make them worth their while.  Frank Gore in the 9th round and Maurice Jones-Drew in the 11th round are well worth the risks associated with these aging players.  Gore has stayed healthy for most of his career and is still the main guy in San Francisco.  Jones-Drew is looking for a fresh start across the bay in Oakland.  If he can stay healthy, he can easily amass another 1,000 yard season with a bunch touchdowns.


I am very happy with this team.  I have two very good quarterbacks which is key in a SuperFlex league like this.  I also think I have a dominant core of running backs led by McCoy and Ball, along with depth in some veterans like Gore and Jones-Drew.  I did take two handcuffs in Knile Davis and Ronnie Hillman, so for now they do not posses much value.  My receivers are not elite, but they are all solid and collectively should be very productive.  Kenny Britt and Kenbrell Thompkins could be valuable late round picks and give me even more depth and flexibility.  Finally, I was happy to land Vernon Davis at tight end in the 7th round as I think he is the top option in the second tier of tight ends.  My backup is Delanie Walker who probably won’t play much for me but is a serviceable replacement on a bye week or in the event of an injury.

It will be a disappointment if this team is not contending for a championship.  Of course injuries can happen at any time, but all things being equal and if everyone stays relatively healthy, this is a roster that should be near the top of the league.

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