Passing Judgment: Super Bowl in the Snow

When the NFL selected MetLife Stadium to host SuperBowl XLVIII, they knew there was a chance that weather could play a significant factor in the game and the logistics of everything leading up to the event.  During February in New Jersey, the cold and snow reign supreme. Believe me, I have lived here my whole life.

Knowing that the weather could be a major factor, the NFL has contingency plans in place if indeed the early forecast models do come to fruition. It was revealed earlier this week that there is a chance of a major winter storm impacting New Jersey on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2. If that happens, it is plausible that Governor Chris Christie could issue a state of emergency thus preventing people from being able to travel to the stadium. That could be a problem.


One of the options the NFL has is to move the game up to either Friday or Saturday night. While this sounds practical, it would be an unmitigated disaster. The Super Bowl is a stand-alone event that trumps everything the first Sunday of February. There are no major sporting events or other activities that compete with the Super Bowl. But if the game is moved up a day or two, that presents a big problem for fans, media and personnel who have other obligations on the schedule.

When I learned that New Jersey was getting a Super Bowl, the main reason I was excited was because I thought there was a good chance my Giants could be playing in it. Since they are not, I am perfectly content staying home and watching the game in the comfort of my own living room. Whether it snows or not doesn’t matter to me at all. But I fully recognize the logistical nightmare the NFL could be presented with if Mother Nature continues her PMS-ing next week.

Do I feel bad for anyone involved? Not really…it isn’t like this was an unforeseeable occurrence. Even if everything turns out ok and the weather holds up, I think the NFL learned its lesson just from having to spend countless hours and dollars on contingency plans that were never before an issue. What that means is that I seriously doubt we will see another Super Bowl in a cold weather area that is not inside a dome. So whether Super Bowl XLVIII is played on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, make sure you take it all in because something like this will probably never happen again.

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