Passing Judgment: J…E…T…S…spells MESS, MESS, MESS

When you look at the state of the New York Jets, all you can do is scratch your head and wonder what the hell were they thinking when management put this team together.  As the Jets prepare to face the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend where they are only favored by 2.5 points according to, it got me thinking about how poorly the franchise prepared for this season.  Admittedly, I am a Giants fan but I removed that allegiance from the equation.  I can do this because I am also a New York Mets fan where I can relate because I am not a fan or supporter of ownership or the way the team is run.

The acquisition of Tim Tebow in the offseason was perplexing and polarizing, especially after the organization gave Mark Sanchez their full endorsement with a large contract extension.  I wrote about Tebow at length months ago, so there is no need to revisit that again.  Plus, he has barely been utilized anyway, so his presence has mostly been irrelevant.  Just as importantly, the Jets didn’t address crucial personnel needs either.  Their offensive line has aged and deteriorated, they have no quality or depth at running back, and their wide receivers (sans the injured Santonio Holmes) are as well known as Vincent Papale was to Eagles’ fans in the 1970’s.  Plus, the always controversial Rex Ryan has been made to look even more foolish when he waxes poetic about how this is the most talented Jets’ team he has coached in four years.  Um, ok.

Last week’s 7-6 victory over the punchless Arizona Cardinals was a shining example of how bad things have gotten.  It isn’t a surprise that the Jets defense, which is respectable at best, held Arizona to six points behind a quarterback who had no business being on the field.  But Mark Sanchez’s performance was equally as horrendous and landed him on the bench in favor of Greg McIlroy.  That benching was understandably temporary as Sanchez has been named the starter for this week’s matchup in Jacksonville.  But for Rex Ryan to publicly state that he has three viable quarterbacks and gloat about his defense’s performance last week shows just how delusional he really is.  The old saying is if you think you have two good quarterbacks then you actually don’t have any.  I suppose if you think you have three good quarterbacks then that means you REALLY don’t have any.

True, Mark Sanchez did lead the Jets to two consecutive AFC championship games.  He has won four road playoff games already, which is quite impressive.  While he played respectably in those games, the Jets didn’t win because of him.  The Jets traded up and made Sanchez their franchise quarterback in 2009.  They obviously saw something in him at USC.  But now in his 4th season, Sanchez continues to regress.  It isn’t entirely his fault because management has not put quality players around him.  He does not have a running back or a wide receiver than can be regarded as a true offensive weapon.  So how can be be expected to succeed when no one else around him has the ability to make a play or change the game?

Jets fans are some of the most passionate and loyal fans in all of sports.  I know this because some of my closest friends live and breath Gang Green.  They deserve better because they have been sold a bill of goods that has failed to deliver anything that was promised to them.  All of the talking Rex Ryan has done over the past four years has rendered the team a joke.  It is time to admit failure and start all over again.  If they truly believe Mark Sanchez is their future, then they need to put him in a position to succeed.  Otherwise, they all need to go…including Rex and Mr. T.

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