Fantasy Football: Outside the Box – Volume 3

Fantasy Football: Outside the Box – Volume 3

By: Joel DePalma (@FFAdvisorapp)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hopefully your holiday was packed with turkey, all the trimmings, and the Patriots defense/special teams. It was another interesting weekend of fantasy football and several of the trends we predicted are continuing to come to fruition.

Here are a few more tips that will help you during the playoff push:

Cut Bait

It’s time to stop hoping that struggling players turn it around; they have already revealed what they are going to be this year.  Players such as DeAngelo Williams, Daryl Richardson, Pierre Garcon, Tim Tebow, and many others have wasted enough of your time and roster spots. They should not be counted on for any production. Other players like Maurice Jones-Drew, Kenny Britt and Darren McFadden have crippled owners who have held out for their returns from injuries.  If you haven’t done so already, you need to come up with viable alternatives to replace them. The past two weeks have revealed several potential alternatives.  Players like Knowshon Moreno, Marcel Reece, and Beanie Wells have all seized their respective opportunities. We suggest you rely on those players that are actually performing and stop holding out hope that other players will finally produce. Remember, it’s imperative to remove emotions from your decisions. Tis the season for playing matchups and following the momentum.

Target players on teams in the playoff hunt.

This has been an unusual season. We are heading into Week 13 and most of the NFL’s division titles are all but sealed up.  Denver and Atlanta both have a four-game lead, and New England, Baltimore and Houston all have three-game leads.  It is quite conceivable that these teams will have very little incentive to play their star players in the coming weeks. Lest we not forget 2009 when the Colts benched Peyton Manning during Week 16 to rest him for the playoffs.  A similar scenario plated out last year with Aaron Rodgers.  To state the obvious, you should target players on teams that will be playing for their postseason lives. Specifically, teams like the Cowboys, Saints, Buccaneers, and Colts all have favorable matchups during fantasy playoffs and will be fighting for everything.

Plan a week in advance.

Throughout the first two editions of this column, we have stressed the importance of planning ahead.  With fantasy playoffs around the corner, most owners have tunnel vision and are solely focused on winning only the next game.  Instead, take a look at your matchups two or three weeks out.  With this approach, you can likely improve some weaker spots on your roster that can make all the difference, such as kickers and defenses.  You should target team defenses that play teams who regularly turn the ball over such as Philadelphia, Oakland, Arizona and Cleveland.  For kickers, target the guys who play on high-octane offenses where shooyouts are likely to take place (i.e., Stephen Gostkowski and Lawrence Tynes).  The same also applies to the skill positions because running backs such as Ronnie Hillman, James Starks and Beanie Wells were likely available at some point in the recent past.  By applying this strategy, you can gain easy points on the waiver wire while everyone else fights over marginal upgrades. 

If you have any specific questions about how to get your roster ready, don’t hesitate to contact Joel on Twitter (@FFadvisorapp), or check out The Fantasy Advisor app on Google Play and iTunes.

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