On the Docket – June 14, 2012

Welcome to the second edition of Fantasy Judgment’s On the Docket.  It was quite an eventful day in Major League Baseball with some historic pitching performances.  Let’s get right into it.

Cain is able

Clearly motivated by the desire to spend time with the lovely Kate Upton, Giants pitcher Matt Cain pitched a perfect game on Wednesday night against the Houston Astros.  Cain’s 125 pitch masterpiece was the second perfect game of the season and the 5th no-hitter.  Cain, fresh off a lucrative contract extension, dominated the Astros with 14 strikeouts as he made history.  Many people scoffed at the $127.5M contract he was given, but the reality is that Cain is one of the best picthers in baseball and has been for several years.  Unfortunately, he is against me in one of my fantasy baseball leagues which accounted for 168 points.  Not cool. 

Hey Dickey, you’re so fine

When you think of the best current pitchers in baseball, the following names are likely to come  to mind: Justin Verlander, Clayton Kershaw, Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Jered Weaver, David Price, C.C. Sabathia, Felix Hernandez, Stephen Strasburg, and now Matt Cain (sorry Tim Lincecum, you suck this year).  However, none of them are as good as R.A. Dickey is right now.  On Wednesday night, Dickey won his league-leading tenth game and in the process also set a Mets team record for consecutive scoreless innings and set his own personal record with 12 strikeouts.  His scoreless streak should still be going if not for a David Wright throwing error and two passed balls in the ninth inning of his latest one-hitter.  At 37 years old, it is clear that the knuckleballer is peaking.  Dickey’s ERA is down to 2.20 and his BB/K ratio is 4/58 over his past six starts.  In case you were wondering what the R.A. stands for in his name, it is Really Awesome.  Remember that Dickey spent the offseason writing books and climbing mountains.  Memo to Jason Bay – get your ass up to Mount Everest this winter!

The NCAA puts the BS in BCS

From the Department of Things Everyone Has Known for Years but is Only Now Readily Apparent to the BCS, the BCS commissioners have been meeting to discuss alternative formats and plans to decide college football’s national champion.  The BCS system has been under well-deserved attack for many years and finally now it looks like we will get some change from the powers that be.  According to BCS executive director Bill Hancock, “the only thing off the table is the status quo.”  That is good to know, because the status quo sucks.  Whether it is a plus-one model, a tournament, or a game of Battleship, just about any other way besides the existing one would be better for college football.   The commissioners are scheduled to present some options to the BCS school presidential oversight committee on June 26 in Washington.  Let’s just hope there is no filibuster. 

Jerry Reese made a GIANT mistake

It is hard to be critical of an NFL general manager who has won two Super Bowl championships in the past four years.  However, New York Giants GM Jerry Reese made a very bad mistake this week when he released tight end Jake Ballard after Ballard failed a physical.  Ballard was the Giants starting tight end in 2011 and sustained a serious knee injury during Super Bowl XLVI.  Knowing full well that Ballard was going to miss all of 2012 as he recovered from knee surgery, Reese gambled by waiving Ballard so he could clear a roster spot for the newly re-signed defensive lineman Rocky Benard.  Reese figured Ballard would clear waivers and re-sign with the Giants and placed on the IR/PUP list for the season.  However, the New England Patriots stepped in and claimed Ballard.  Bill Belichek insists there were no motives besides it being a strategic football transaction, but it is evident that the Patriots were looking to finally beat the Giants at something.  Congratulations New England.

There’s no place like the Four Seasons

Floyd Mayweather Jr. made a formal request to Judge Melissa Saragosa to be released from jail because the low-quality food and water have threatened his health.  Saragosa issued her decision on Wednesday holding that “water has been made available to Mayweather around the clock and the only reason he isn’t eating properly is because he refuses to eat the provided meals.”

Only ten days after he turned himself in to begin serving a three month sentence for domestic battery charges, Mayweather’s legal team filed an emergency motion Monday asking the court to put him under house arrest or move him into the general jail population.  The motion also claimed that Mayweather might never fight again because he was getting out of shape in solitary confinement.

Mayweather’s personal physician, Dr. Robert Voy, visited him in jail last week and determined he had lost muscle tone.  Mayweather also wasn’t drinking enough because he “wasn’t allowed bottled water and doesn’t enjoy tap water.” 

I realize that if I was to ever get into a fight with him, Mayweather would kill me in a matter of seconds.  But since he is behind bars and will likely never read this, I will go on record and call Mayweather a big pussy who deserves the Sandusky treatment.


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