The debut of Fantasy Judgment’s “On the Docket”

On behalf of Fantasy Judgment, LLC, I am please to announce the debut of a new column I have created to discuss the most interesting and compelling sports storylines with a twist of sarcasm.  The column will essentially be focused on headlines within the sports and fantasy sports worlds without going into too much detail about anything in particular.  I plan on broadening the scope of topics to include all sports, not just those that are played in fantasy.  I may even throw in some pop culture and movie references as well, so prepare yourselves. 

Ideally I would like to publish this column every day, but the reality is that probably won’t be the case.  That doesn’t mean I will not try.  I do not plan on going too much into depth about a particular story or topic.  The goal is to be concise and witty.  Look for the first edition on June 13, 2012.

If anyone has any suggestions or requests for topics to cover or any other creative ideas to contribute, I am always willing to listen.  Send me an email to, post a message on Facebook at, or tweet me at @FantasyJudgment.

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