OBFBL Power Rankings #3 – Through Week 17 (August 3, 2011)

After seventeen weeks and twenty-four fantasy games played, it is now time for the third edition of the 2011 Power Rankings for the Old Bridge Fantasy Baseball League (“OBFBL”).  The OBFBL is an 18-team, non-keeper, head to head, points, mixed NL/AL fantasy baseball league that has existed since 1999 and is currently in its 13th season.  We will rank each team in the league based on their overall record, points scored, roster trends, significant transactions, and other general criteria.  Without further adieu, here is the second edition of the power rankings through the beginning of August 2011.

1. Mets in 2011 (19-5, 1st place AL East, Previous Rank – #1)

Jordan has been the alpha male in the league all year and has gone 7-2 since the last rankings.  He has already clinched his division as he opened up an eleven game lead which is by far the biggest margin in a division at this point of the season in OBFBL history.  Jordan continues to bludgeon his opponents with Joey Votto, Matt Kemp and Justin Upton leading his powerful offense.  He can add Curtis Granderson to the mix as he recently traded away Tim Hudson and the disappointing Carl Crawford.  Jordan’s pitching staff has been great all year with Josh Beckett, Jaime Garcia and the closer duo of Ryan Madson and Brian Wilson.  Jordan appears to be the favorite to win his first championship since 2004. 

2. The Ewok Rebellion (18-6, 1st place AL Central, Previous Rank – #2)

Abe has continued to back up his trash talking by going 6-3 since the last rankings and opening up an eight game lead in the division.  Dan Haren has been the ace that Abe anticipated when drafting him in the second round.  Free agents Bartolo Colon and Ryan Vogelsong have provided solid contributions on his staff.  His plethora of Yankees have hit their stride as Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, Brett Gardner and Russell Martin have all been productive.  And Ryan Howard, despite being a frustrating fantasy player, has put up dominant numbers in spurts to complement David Ortiz in this impressive lineup.

3. Benny Enjoys the Moment Being My Bee-otch (16-8, 1st place NL East, Previous Rank – #3)

Marc has struggled since the last rankings only going 4-5 and seeing his division lead shrink to three games.  His acquisition of Alex Rodriguez failed to pay off as A-Rod underwent arthroscopic surgery on his knee and is now the subject of an investigation into illegal poker playing.  Jon Lester missed two weeks and his revolving door of closers hasn’t paid off.  But Clayton Kershaw has been dominant, and his outfield of Hunter Pence, Jacoby Ellsbury and Nick Markakis have kept his offense afloat.  He gave up on Justin Smoak at first base and is now relying on Conor Jackson to find his 2006 form.

4. Fellowship of the Orange Veal Cutlets (15-9, 1st place NL West, Previous Rank – #4)

Maury has been able to still hang on to first place in the league’s most competitive division.  He has been getting fantastic pitching performances from Cy Young candidate Justin Verlander, along with Ian Kennedy and Rubby de la Rosa.  However, de la Rosa is now lost for the season as he needs Tommy John surgery.  Ryan Braun, Michael Young and Adam Lind have been consistent, and the positionally flexible Ben Zobrist has been red hot lately.  He may not make it look pretty, but Maury is a force to be reckoned with and he is not afraid to take chances with his lineup and roster.  After enduring one of the worst seasons in OBFBL history in 2010, Maury will easily win comeback team of the year.

5. It’s Gotta Be Mooses…or Meese (15-9, 1st place AL West, Previous Rank – #12)

Cory has been the hottest team in the league as he has gone 9-0 since the last rankings and vaulted up seven spots.  He has also taken over the lead in the AL West and built a 4 and ½ game lead in the division.  His pitching has been out of control with C.C. Sabathia, Chad Billingsley, Chris Carpenter, Ricky Romero, and Derek Holland putting up massive numbers.  Matt Holliday has been healthy and productive, and Asdrubal Cabrera has been a steal at shortstop.  With the deepest pitching staff in the league, Cory is in a good position to secure a return to the playoffs.

6. Blue Horseshoe Loves Giant Douche (14-10, 2nd place NL West, Previous Rank – #6)

The Commish has gone 5-4 since the last rankings and has given his team a facelift with a blockbuster trade.  He acquired King Felix and Zack Greinke in exchange for the best second baseman in the league, Dustin Pedroia, along with Javier Vazquez and Ted Lilly.  This deal only paid off in the last divisional doubleheader in which Mike won both games.  That sweep was badly needed after he went 0-3 in the annual All Star tripleheader.  Mike currently is one game back in the division and holds a one game lead for the NL wild card.  With the pitching trio of Felix, Greinke, and Cliff Lee, Mike should be in position to have at least one of those guys pitching twice every week.

7. Madoff’s Marauders (14-10, 1st place NL Central, Previous Rank – #5)

Joey I. has maintained his lead in the NL Central by going 5-4 since the last rankings.  The return of Ryan Zimmerman and the resurgence of Dan Uggla have provided Joey I. with some terrific offensive numbers.  Mike Stanton has emerged as one of the premiere power hitters in the league and Adam Jones has established some offensive consistency this year.  The pitching trio of Roy Halladay, Yovani Gallardo and Craig Kimbrel is a deadly triple threat every week.  He is holding on to a two game lead in the division and is setting himself up for another playoff berth in his young OBFBL career.

8. Len Tuckwilla’s Nuts Over My Chin (13-11, 3rd place NL West, Previous Rank – #9)

To Craig’s credit, he has staved off a 2nd half collapse so far.  In the most competitive division in the league, Craig finds himself in last place despite being two games over .500.  His pitching staff of Jered Weaver, Max Scherzer, Michael Pineda, Gio Gonzalez and Brandon Beachy have put up some impressive points every week.  Troy Tulowitzki has been very streaky and Carlos Beltran has cooled off since he was traded to San Francisco.  He has gotten healthier with the recent returns of Martin Prado and Pablo Sandoval.  Craig has been one of the highest scorers in the league, so he can easily win the division with a few more divisional doubleheaders left on the schedule.

9. This is the Business We’ve Chosen (13-11, 2nd place NL East, Previous Rank – #13)

OBFBL veteran Jason Tuvel has been on fire lately going 7-2 since the last rankings and closing the gap in the NL East to only three games.  Hanley Ramirez’s resurgence has helped bring Tuvel back after several weeks of struggling.  However, Hanley and Paul Konerko are banged up and missing games which could affect Tuvel’s performance over the next couple weeks.  Unfortunately for Tuvel, he has lost Clay Buchholz for the season and Jonathon Niese looks like he may have hit a wall at this point in the season.

10. Jewish Mafia (12-12, 2nd place NL Central, Previous Rank – #8)

The Hebrew Mobsters have struggled since the last rankings going 3-6 and losing Carlos Gonzalez in the process.  Randy also effectively lost Francisco Rodriguez when he was traded to the Brewers and relegated to a set-up role.  His outfield has been a major disappointment as Jason Heyward and Alfonso Soriano have not produced as expected.  Ubaldo Jimenez and Mat Latos have rebounded from slow starts, but they will have to be relied on to keep pace in the pennant race as Randy is now two games out of the division lead.

11. RAD (10-14, 2nd place AL Central, Previous Rank – #10)

Despite scoring the 5th most points in the league, Matt finds himself at 10-14.  He has gone 3-6 since the last rankings even though he has had some amazing scoring outputs.  He was the proud recipient of Ervin Santana’s recent no-hitter and has gotten dominant pitching performances from James Shields and Daniel Hudson.  But Matt’s offense has sputtered a bit with Bobby Abreu and Johnny Damon being sent to his bench.  Adrian Gonzalez continues to produce, but he will need some assistance elsewhere to keep pace in the AL wild card race as he is only ½ game back.

12. Montreal Espos (10-14, 3rd place AL West, Previous Rank – #15)

Espo has gone 5-4 since the last rankings and has undergone a complete overhaul of his team in the process.  First, he traded Felix Hernandez and Zack Greinke for Dustin Pedroia, Javier Vazquez and Ted Lilly.  Then, he traded Curtis Granderson for Tim Hudson and Carl Crawford.  Espo has very creatively and aggressively revamped his team in his first year back in the OBFBL since 2002.  He now has David Wright back from injury and should get Shin Soo Choo back in the near future as well.  He is only ½ game back of the AL wild card, so with all of these factors in his favor, he could be the favorite to earn a playoff berth down the stretch.

13. Pap Smears (10-13-1, 2nd place AL West, Previous Rank – #7)

Jared has struggled mightily since the last rankings going 1-7-1 and dropping six spots.  He has also fallen out of first place but still is barely holding on to the AL wild card lead.  Losing Josh Johnson back in May has devastated his pitching staff.  Now he has lost Adrian Beltre to the disabled list which has hampered his offensive output as well.  Jared will need to be aggressive and make a trade down the stretch to fend off several teams hot on his trail.  But he still has a great team name.

14. Cole Hamels Adopted Charlie Sheen’s Kids (9-15, 3rd place AL Central, Previous Rank – #11)

The Philadelphia duo have struggled since the last rankings by going 3-6.  Along the way, Jeff and Mike have developed a reputation for destroying people’s ankles.  Both Buster Posey and Stephen Drew sustained season-ending horrific injuries to their ankles.  They have been able to withstand the loss of Drew by acquiring Emilio Bonifacio and Michael Cuddyer.  Mark Teixeira has been all or nothing most weeks, and Cole Hamels has been the only reliable pitcher despite an occasional dominant performance from Alexi Ogando and Justin Masterson.  But Hamels finds himself only 1.5 games back of the wild card lead and is looking to make the playoffs for the second time in his first three years. 

15. Admiral Ackbar (8-16, 2nd place AL East, Previous Rank – #14)

The historically streaky Mario Portilla continues to justify his reputation as he has gone 2-7 since the last rankings after digging himself out of a 1-7 start to the season.  He has had sporadic spectacular performances by Anibal Sanchez, Francisco Liriano and Phil Hughes.  But Mario has been unable to rely on any type of consistency.  Ichiro has been a huge disappointment this year, and Joe Mauer missed several weeks with an injury.  Despite all of these issues, Mario is still only 2.5 games out of the wild card league in the putrid American League,.

16. Dawg Eat Dawg (8-15-1, 3rd place NL Central, Previous Rank – #16)

The defending OBFBL champion has gone 3-5-1 since the last rankings and is barely hanging on by a thread in the National League wild card race.  His recent divisional doubleheader sweep kept Benny’s playoff hopes alive.  He traded Alex Rodriguez as part of a package to Bee-otch for Alex Gordon and others, and this has worked out quite well.  Jason Bay continues to take up wasted space in his starting lineup, but injuries have left him no other choice.  Besides David Price and Fernando Salas, Benny has gotten next to nothing from his other pitchers.

17. Sharks With Frickin’ Laser Beams (7-17, 3rd place AL East, Previous Rank – #18)

The Sharks have gone 5-4 since the last rankings yet still find themselves down at near the bottom.  To Jim’s credit, he made some trades to try and improve his team.  He acquired Jayson Werth and Rickie Weeks for Michael Cuddyer, but Weeks was lost with an injury for 3-6 weeks.  But because the American League has been so awful, he is still only 3.5 games out of the wild card.  Jim has proven over the years that he can put together a string of wins, so do not count out Scranton’s favorite son (next to Michael Scott).

18. It Byrnes When I Peavy (4-20, 3rd place NL East, Previous Rank – #17)

The Co-Commish is having his worst season in his 13-year OBFBL history.  It has gone from bad to worse as Ari has gone 1-8 since the last rankings and now finds himself firmly entrenched at the bottom of the list.  Injuries to Albert Pujols, Kevin Youkilis and Tommy Hanson have hindered his ability to have any consistency this season.  Adam Dunn was drafted relatively early but has proven to be the biggest fantasy bust of the year.  Despite being eliminated from playoff contention, Ari has continued to try and remain competitive by adding free agents in the hopes of playing spoiler.



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