OBFBL Power Rankings #2 (Through Week 11)

This is the second installment of the 2010 OBFBL Power Rankings.  The first installment was done after Week 8, which can be read here on my blog as well.  There has been some movement amongst teams in the middle of the pack, but the top 2 and the bottom remain the same.  Along with ranking and overall record, I will include each team’s previous ranking position.

#1 – Dawg Eat Dawg (12-3) – Previously #1

OBFBL original Benny Greenstein maintains his position as the Top Dawg going 3-1 since the last Power Rankings.  With the lethal pitching trio of Lincecum, Greinke and Oswalt, Benny swept the latest double-header week to maintain his 3-game lead in the AL West.  He also has ridden the bats of Robinson Cano and Troy Glaus – arguably the two hottest hitters in baseball over the last six weeks.  As we head down the stretch, Benny will be tough to overtake due to his deep pitching staff which also includes Brett Myers and Billy Wagner.  It only took Benny 12 years to figure out this formula for success.

#2 – C.C. Ate My Ketubah (11-4) – Previously #2

Despite sustaining a devastating loss in Kendry Morales a few weeks ago, Ari has maintained his position at #2 by going 2-2 since the last Power Rankings.  Miguel Cabrera has been awesome all year and is arguably the best fantasy hitter in the game.  Ari will need that production continued with his gaping hole at UT without Morales.  Perhaps a trade could be in order to add another bat to his OF or UT spot.  Adam Wainwright continues to shine as his staff ace, and Clayton Kershaw and Ricky Nolasco round out the rest of his solid rotation which has continued to perform well. 

#3 – There is No Giant Douche, Only Zool (9-6) – Previously #9

The Douche has gone 4-0 since the last Power Rankings, including a dominating double-header sweep to regain 1st place in the carousel that is the NL East.  Mark Teixeira, Matt Holliday and Ryan Howard all appear to have broken out of slumps.  The trade of Phil Hughes and company for Felix Hernandez could be a risk given Hughes’ production thus far, but King Felix is a legitimate #1 ace.  Zito and Hudson have been consistent, and Lackey and Zambrano look like they have figured it out.  The key could be the Douche’s injured pitchers coming back in the 2nd half – Brandon Webb, Erik Bedard and Edinson Volquez.

#4 – This is the Business We’ve Chosen (9-6) – Previously #7

Grizzled OBFBL veteran Jason Tuvel is giving Benny a run for his money in the AL West.  Amazingly, Jason is tied for the 3rd best record in the league yet still finds himself 3 games out of first place.  Jason would also be in 1st place in 4 of the other 5 divisions.  Josh Hamilton’s re-emergence has helped Jason’s offense overcome some inconsistent performances by Derek Jeter, Brad Hawpe and the void that is his UT spot.  Young pitching studs Jon Lester, David Price and Yovanni Gallardo give Jason an opportunity for lots of strikeouts and quality starts every time they pitch.  It is commendable that Jason drafted Ike Davis and stashed him in the minors until he was called up, but can Jason rely on the youngster to produce at such a crucial position?

#5 – Benny is Tiger Woods’ Bee-otch (8-7) – Previously #6

The long-awaited debut of Stephen Strasburg was as advertised.  Marc Stein looks like a genius for drafting the phenom and stashing him in his minor league slot until he made his debut at the beginning of June.  All Strasburg has done is strikeout 32 batters in 3 starts going 2-0.  The duo of Chris Carpenter and Strasburg gives Marc a great top of the staff, but he continues to struggle to find consistency amongst his other pitchers.  Jayson Werth has set a record for most negative points in a week by an offensive player with -9.  But expect him to get hot again, and expect Albert Pujols to put up monster numbers down the stretch.

#6 – Jewish Mafia (8-7) – Previously #5

Randy Peltz has gone 2-2 since the last Power Rankings and has regained a share of 1st place in the NL West.  Randy continues to ride the arm of Ubaldo Jimenez, who may go 30-1 this year.  In either a bold act of defiance or a fear of pretend auction bidding, Randy has not disabled any of his players who are eligible.  In fact, he drafted Carlos Beltran, who has yet to play this year, and Nick Johnson, who may never play again.  Apparently Randy doesn’t need no stinkin’ bench players.  But with Beltran due back in the foreseaable future, it could change the landscape of the division.

#7 – Sharks With Phrickin’ Laser Beams (8-7) – Previously #11

Jim Malloy’s Sharks have gone 3-1 since the last Power Rankings thanks to solid performances from Jered Weaver and Carlos Silva.  The trade of King Felix has netted Jim two pitchers in Phil Hughes and Anibal Sanchez.  He has revamped his infield in the Felix trade by acquiring Miguel Tejada and Kelly Johnson.  With Jimmy Rollisn due back shortly, this new look  offense could make his opponents seem like mutated sea bass.  Jim also still has 4 catchers on his roster, which is still bizarre. 

#8 – Len Tuckwilla’s Nuts Over My Chin (8-7) – Previously #13

Credit must be given to Craig Kirschner, who has gone 4-0 since the last Power Rankings.  How he has won all of these games with an infield consisting of Sean Rodriguez, Brandon Inge and Mike Aviles is astounding.  The loss of Troy Tulowitzki will be felt eventually.  Craig’s reliance on young pitching has proved to work thus far as Tommy Hanson and Jaime Garcia have performed well.  Craig also boasts a trio of solid catchers with Jorge Posada, Carlos Santana, and Francisco Cervelli.  At least in the OBFBL, Jorge Posada can catch everyday and every week.

#9 – 5 Finger Baseball (8-7) – Previously #3

The 2004 New York Yankees.  The 2007 New York Mets.  The 2010 Boston Bruins.  Shall we add 5 Finger Baseball to this list of previous big-time chokes?  OBFBL rookie Mario Portilla stormed out to a 5-0 start and then peaked at 8-1.  But he has now lost 6 in a row, including getting swept in another doubleheader week.  His once insurmountable division lead has shrunk to 1 game over Cory and 2 games over Abe.  A.J. Burnett’s annual meltdown and Rafael Furcal’s trip to the bereavement list has left Mario struggling to find answers. 

#10 – Slappy McSingleton (7-8) – Previously #4

Yet another OBFBL rookie who started out strong has hit a wall.  Matthew Abbott, still the league leader in points scored, has gone 0-4 since the last Power Rankings.  He now finds himself in last place, only 2 games out, in the competitive NL East.  Roy Halladay has gone 1-3 since his perfect game, and the rest of his staff has also cooled off.  Vladimir Guerrero seemed to have a renaissance for a few weeks, but he has also leveled off.  With Halladay, Cueto and Shields, Matthew is still poised to make a run down the stretch but will need better production from his infielders not named Morneau.

#11 – What’s the Plural of Moose? (7-8) – Previously #17

Just a few weeks ago, Cory Varrial was second-guessing his decision to come out of retirement and rejoin the OBFBL.  He was also second-guessing his sexuality, but that one night with Jake Peavy seems to have turned things around for both of them.  After starting the season 0-4 and leading the league in points rotting on the bench, Cory has stormed back and is only 1 game behind Mario.  Jake Peavy, Dan Haren and Jeff Niemann have stepped up their game, and Shawn Marcum and Justin Masterson have shown flashes of brilliance.  Cory was exuberant over his ability to defeat Abe in the doubleheader week with a game winning walk by James Loney.  In fact, he was so happy that after Abe called him an a**hole, Cory took it as a compliment.

#12 – Hoof Hearted (7-8) – Previously #8

Jared Levitt has only gone 1-3 since the last Power Rankings yet still finds himself just 1 game behind both Randy and Craig in the competitive NL West.  Jared may need some help offensively as it would be unrealistic to expect catcher John Buck to be his offensive star every week.  Ian Kinsler has not hit his groove yet, and the inconsistent Edwin Encarnacion has been demoted to the minors.  Josh Beckett’s return will greatly help, but for now Jared is employing three closers on his staff in K-Rod, Heath Bell and Ryan Franklin.  It has been years since this strategy was used, so it will be interesting to watch going down the stretch.

#13 – Cole Hamels’ Multi-Racial Children (6-9) – Previously #15

Fresh off a doubleheader sweep, Jeff Mickletz & Co. are back in contention.  Chase Utley seems to have woken up from his month-long nap and Buster Posey’s eligibility at catcher help solidify his lineup.  Clay Buchholz has established himself as a top line starter, but in order to make a run at the playoffs they will need to get better performances from the rest of their staff.  Freddy Garcia has been turning back the clock and Mike Leake has been a great find.  But Dallas Braden’s perfect game is now a distant memory and Joe Blanton keeps getting fatter.  Jeff still leads the league in Uptons.

#14 – Jumpin’ Jesse Orosco (6-8-1) – Previously #10

Tim Catts’ season can be epitomized by David Wright’s performance – some really good and some really bad.  With a potentially potent lineup of Prince Fielder, Dustin Pedroia, David Wright, Carlos Lee and Lance Berkman, Tim has yet to achieve any consistency from them.  Wright’s hot streaks have been great, but his 82 strikeouts negate a lot of that positive.  Tim is still relying on two dominant closers to lead his staff as he is without a true #1 starter.  Ryan Dempster is arguably his best starter, so if Tim wants to hang in the race he may need to strike a deal.  Oh, and Jason Hammel is still on his bench.

#15 – Full Metal Jacket (6-8-1) – Previously #12

After a couple of tremendous weeks of 300+ points, Joey I. was brought back to Earth with a frustrating double-header week that saw him suffer a loss and a tie.  Josh Johnson has been stellar leading Full Metal Jacket’s pitching staff.  Johnson is apparently playing the role of R. Lee Ermey trying to get Edwin Jackson back to form.  Joey I.’s young studs of Wieters, Bruce and A.Jones must start producing before they have a major malfunction.

#16 – Death Star Destroyers (6-9) – Previously #14

Abe Strasser’s team of Jedi fighters almost pulled off a double-header sweep, but his decision not to start Chipper Jones proved costly.  Abe is concerned that Chipper’s talks of retirement could be a distraction in his clubhouse, much like Brett Favre.  Since the last Power Rankings, Abe has gone 2-2 riding his pitching staff.  However, Johan Santana has not lived up to the expectations of a 2nd round pick.  Perhaps a trade could be in order so that Abe can improve his inconsistent offense.

#17 – Mets in 2010 (6-9) – Previously #16

Jordan Maliavsky continues his up and down season going 2-2 since the last Power Rankings.  It has not helped that Andre Ethier has been ice cold since returning from the DL or that A-Rod is banged up with a hip injury.  Perhaps Jordan can provide A-Rod with some much needed steroids and HGH to get him back to 100%.  With a solid duo of Cliff Lee and Mike Pelfrey leading his pitching staff, Jordan has been looking to add some depth to the end of his rotation.  Corey Hart’s emergence as a league-leading homerun hitter has kept Jordan afloat.  Jordan likes Corey Hart because he wears his sunglasses at night, and he never surrenders (don’t get the references, Google it).

#18 – Veal Cutlet L’Orange (2-13)

It has not gotten any better for OBFBL veteran Maury Weisel.  Since the last Power Rankings, Maury has gone 0-4.  It got so bad that he has benched Derrek Lee, whom he obtained in the trade for Zack Greinke.  Credit must be given to Maury as he continues to battle and try and improve his team with add/drops and lineup management.  Now trailing division leader Dawg Eat Dawg by 10 games, Maury is still technically in the hunt for the wild card at 7 games back.  Maury needs to make a run now, or else the baby cows used to make his veal cutlets will be put out to pasture.

This concludes the second installment of the 2010 OBFBL Power Rankings.  Feel free to leave a comment or share some remarks.

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