OBFBL Fantasy Baseball Power Rankings – May 10, 2012

With five weeks in the books for the 2012 fantasy baseball season, I thought now would be a good time to do the first edition of the Power Rankings for the Old Bridge Fantasy Baseball League (“OBFBL”).  The OBFBL is an 18-team, non-keeper, mixed AL/NL, head to head points league that has been in existence since 1999.  There are six divisions of three teams, and throughout the season there are eight double-header weeks where each team plays their other two division rivals in the same week.  There have already been two double-header weeks which has led to some divisions being quite close and some separation already taking place. 

I will rank each team in order from 1st through 18th based on their overall record, points scored, and general observations.  This analysis is purely subjective so feel free disagree.  That being said, let’s start breaking down the 2012 OBFBL.

#1 – Benny Enjoys the Moment Being My Bee-otch (6-1, 1st place – NL West)

The two-time OBFBL champion has been bludgeoning the league with his ridiculous pitching staff.  Known for his propensity to draft pitchers in succession, Marc spent his first five draft selections on Jered Weaver, David Price, Madison Bumgarner, Yu Darvish and Brandon Beachy.  Add a little R.A. Dickey and you have the OBFBL’s best pitching staff.  He has been the highest scorer for three of the first five weeks and is also the first team to surpass 400 points in a week this season. 

#2 – Sharks With Frickin’ Laser Beams (6-1, 1st place – AL Central)

Despite Tim Lincecum getting off to a very slow start, Jim’s Sharks have gotten off to a fast start backed by a deep pitching staff that also includes Ian Kennedy, Anibal Sanchez, and Jaime Garcia.  NL MVP Ryan Braun has been on a tear lately leading Jim’s offense which has been plagued by recent injuries to players such as Justin Morneau, Mike Moustakas and Angel Pagan,

#3 – Omega Moos (5-2, 1st place – AL East)

Ryan, one of the OBFBL rookies, has had an impressive start to his career relying on a ton of power production from Matt Kemp, Nick Swisher, Adrian Beltre and a surprising Josh Willingham. Despite Josh Johnson remaining winless, he has gotten solid performances from his other pitchers including Ricky Romero, Kenley Jansen, and Ted Lilly.

#4 – Dawg Eat Dawg (5-2, 1st place – AL West)

Benny, an original OBFBL member and 2010 champion, agonized over selecting Jacoby Ellsbury with the 12th pick of the draft because he was skeptical of whether Ellsbury could repeat his 2011 performance.  When Ellsbury went down with an injury, it sent Benny into a minor depression.  He has eased his way out of it by seeing his team in first place despite the loss of his first pick. 

#5 – Choo and a Half Men (4-3, 2nd place – NL West)

Brian, another OBFBL rookie, had one of the better drafts in the league as he selected Roy Halladay, Evan Longoria and Hanley Ramirez with his first three picks.  The loss of Longoria for a couple months has left a gaping hole in his lineup, but he has managed to make up for that void with the surprising performance of Omar Infante.  Jason Heyward and Shin-S00 Choo have been underwhelming thus far, but if they perform as expected than Brian can be a force to be reckoned with.

#6 – This is the Business We’ve Chosen (4-3, 2nd place – AL East)

Jason, an OBFBL member since 2002, has historically been one of the streakiest teams in the league.  He is off to a decent start with Justin Verlander and Gio Gonzalez leading his pitching staff and Carlos Gonzalez as the focus of his offense.  David Ortiz has been a monster and proved to be a late round steal at the draft.  His infield offense is weak besides Michael Young, so that could be something Jason will target in a trade.

#7 – Mets in 2012 (4-3, 1st place – NL Central)

Jordan, also a league member since 2002 and a two-time champion (2004 and 2011), is extremely fortunate to be 4-3 at this point given how poorly some of his stars have started.  Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes got off to terrible starts, Drew Storen and Chris Young went down with injuries, and Heath Bell has been removed as the Marlins closer.  Jordan leads the league in Santana’s as he owns Johan, Ervin and Carlos.

#8 – Giant Douche to the Future (4-2-1, 1st Place – NL East)

The OBFBL commissioner didn’t have a good feeling after the draft and has been tortured all season long by his horrible pitching staff and underwhelming performances of Robinson Cano and Giancarlo Stanton.  Early season trades to acquire Mark Teixeira and Josh Beckett have not panned out.  He has had a different catcher every week and basically wasted a mid-round pick on Carlos Marmol.  If not for Mike Aviles and Adam Dunn, the Commish may have been winless by now.

#9 – Night Nurses From Jersey (4-3, 2nd place, AL Central)

Ari, an original league member and the current co-commissioner, is coming off a 2011 season where he won a grand total of three games.  His team was decimated with injuries and he could never recover as he tied for the worst record in OBFBL history at 3-25.  Through five weeks, Ari has already surpassed his 2011 win total and seems to be back despite a slow start from Adrian Gonzalez.  David Wright and Andrew McCutchen have been very solid for the 2005 OBFBL champion.

#10 – I Pissed In My Pence (4-3, 2nd place – NL East)

Jared, an original member of the league who took a hiatus for most of the late 2000’s until his return in 2010, had the first overall pick of the draft this year and selected Miguel Cabrera.  That has worked out well so far, along with the unconventional strategy of playing multiple relief pitchers.  The Cleveland Indians middle infield has been very productive for Jared with Jason Kipnis and Asdrubal Cabrera putting up solid numbers.

#11 – Managing ExpecTationS (3-4, 2nd place, AL West)

Matt, now in his third season, has quickly developed a reputation in the league as one of the more savvy and analytical team owners.  Despite losing Pablo Sandoval to injury and Ike Davis not doing anything, Matt has managed to make up for that by riding the hot bats of Bryan LaHair and Ian Kinsler.  Dan Haren and Adam Wainwright haven’t been consistent and Francisco Liriano has been awful, but again Matt had made up for that with Jake Peavy, Jarrod Parker and Henderson Alvarez.

#12 – Tuckwilla’s Endangered Feces (3-4, 2nd place, NL Central)

Craig is the Chicago Cubs of the OBFBL.  He has been in the league since 2000 and has never won a championship.  That has made him even more determined than ever and he looks like he will be a contender going forward.  C.C. Sabathia and C.J. Wilson provide Craig with a lot of initials and two top notch starting pitchers.  He has benefited from the insanely hot start by Edwin Encarnacion and solid performances by Curtis Granderson and Austin Jackson. 

#13 – Jewish Mafia (3-4, 3rd place, AL West)

Randy has reached veteran status in the league and proved that by selecting reigning NL Cy Young award winner Clayton Kershaw with his first pick and Justin Upton as his second pick.  He has a gaping hole at third base with Mat Gamel likely done for the season.  However, he has accumulated some good closers on his roster than can be used in a trade such as Jonathan Papelbon, Jason Motte, J.J. Putz and Brandon League.

#14 – Merrill & Mitek (3-4, 3rd place, NL East)

Matt and Justin, the first ever brother tandem in league history, are making their OBFBL debut this season.  They took Jose Bautista with their first ever draft pick, and that has not worked out thus far.  They boldly selected Stephen Strasburg in the second round which has been a great pick.  Josh Hamilton has carried them to their three wins, but Matt and Justin are struggling to score points with Eric Hosmer off to a slow start and Jordan Walden and Javy Guerra both losing their jobs as closers.

#15- Closing Time (2-4-1, 3rd place, NL Central)

Nick, another newcomer to the OBFBL, had the misfortune of having technical issues which prevented him from being able to draft his own team.  CBS’s autodraft kindly gave Nick pitchers for his first seven picks including Zack Greinke and six closers.  Nick has kept Craig Kimbrel and John Axford while unloading a slew of other relievers to help build his roster.  Impressively, he has been able to turn his excess of closers into other pieces and be competitive.

#16 – Hammerheads (1-6, 3rd place, NL West)

Jeff and Mike, now in their third season together (Jeff’s fourth season overall), have been the worst defensive team in the league as their opponents have scored more points against them than anyone else.  Cole Hamels, Michael Cuddyer and Matt Wieters have all been solid.  But Rickie Weeks, Max Scherzer and Hunter Pence have not delivered as expected.  Jeff and Mike deserve credit for the savvy free agent acquisitions of Jeff Samardzija, Pedro Alvarez and Nolan Reimold.

#17 – Moose and Zee were FIRED (1-6, 3rd place, AL East)

Cory, an original member of the league, is still shedding tears over the loss of Mariano Rivera (both because he is a Yankees fan and also because Rivera was on his fantasy team).  He also had lost Cliff Lee for a few weeks and could not make up for that loss.  In his one victory, Cory exploded and won the weekly highest point total.  But other than that, Cory is having trouble scoring points with Joey Votto not hitting for power and a very weak outfield. 

#18 – The Braun Ultimatum (0-7, 3rd place, AL Central)

In a shocking turn of events, Joey I. finds himself winless after five weeks.  Joey I. has been in the league since 2009 and has made the playoffs every year.  That streak is now in jeopardy as he finds himself in the basement and without a win.  That could all change at any time for this crafty owner as he banks his fortunes on Troy Tulowitzki and a lot of young talent including Buster Posey, Jordan Zimmermann, Paul Goldschmidt, and Jeremy Hellickson.

And there you have it.  Look for the second edition of the Power Rankings in several weeks to see who will be on top and who will sink to the bottom. 

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