Court was in session at the Fantasy Football Fest

The Chief Justice with his dad and the sexiest referee ever (Mrs. Chief Justice).

On August 18-19, 2012, Fantasy Judgment made its presence known at the first ever Fantasy Football Fest in Atlantic City, NJ.  It was a great event headlined by several former and current NFL players signing autographs and interacting with fans.  But it was also an opportunity for fantasy sports companies to showcase their products to a passionate audience of fantasy football players.  I was very fortunate to have the support of my wife and father who helped me at my booth to inform people about Fantasy Judgment’s services.  Having never done a trade show or convention before, it was a lot of fun creating the materials to display.  Overall, I was extremely pleased with the way everything turned out.

Live on the Fantasy Alarm Show on SiriusXM.

It was great to meet several people who I have only interacted with over email, Facebook and Twitter.  The fantasy “insiders” are all just regular guys like me, and it was nice be able to put faces to names.  It was also great seeing my boys from Fantasy Alarm again as we hadn’t seen each other since the 2010 Superdraft Event in Las Vegas.  Now Jeff Mans and Ted Schuster are big time with the Fantasy Alarm Show on SiriusXM.  I have done guest segments with them on the Fantasy Sports Channel over the past couple years, but it was a lot of fun to be able to sit at the table with them and interact on the air for almost a half hour.  We definitely had chemistry with a crowd of people standing around watching us banter back and forth about whether Ahmad Bradshaw is a good pick at the end of the second round.

Even though I do not have my own show on SiriusXM (yet), I feel like a distant cousin to the family since I have been on several of their shows and have gotten to know a bunch of the guys on the air.  The program directors of the Fantasy Sports Channel were kind enough to invite me to participate as one of the 12 teams in the Fantasy Football Fest expert draft which was held on the main stage and broadcast live on SiriusXM.  I had the privilege of joining guys like A.J. Mass (ESPN), Mike Beacom (SI), Jeff Mans (Fantasy Alarm), Tony Cincotta (FantasyPros911), Mike Clay (Pro Football Focus), Rob Shaw (Bloomberg Sports), Jim Day (Fantasy Taz), and Scott Engel, Adam Ronis, and Dr. Roto (RotoExperts) in this draft where I had the first overall pick and took Arian Foster.  This was a lot of fun and a great experience to be drafting on the big stage with everyone.

Live on ESPN radio.

I also had the opportunity to go live on ESPN radio in South Jersey on 97.3 FM with the guys from Kickass Fantasy Football.  Not only were they kind enough to run a major commercial for Fantasy Judgment on ESPN radio, but they had me come on the air to resolve a fantasy football dispute.  For their generosity, I am pleased to announce that Fantasy Judgment will offer one free case to any new subscriber to the Kickass Fantasy Football package. 

Another highlight was actually getting to meet some of Fantasy Judgment’s customers in person.  The guys from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen have sent in some of the most bizarre and controversial cases that the Court has resolved over the past couple years.  They came down to the show and watched me kick a field goal before we could be introduced.  These guys are what makes my job a lot of fun.  They are passionate and appreciative at the same time.  It truly is a pleasure working for them, and I take great pride in the fact they have told me what a difference it has made to their league since they retained our services. 

The Chief Justice and Phil Simms.

On a personal note, I was absolutely thrilled that I was able to meet one of my childhood sports heroes – Phil Simms.  He was one of the athletes in attendance signing autographs and talking on SiriusXM.  I grabbed my camera with the intention of just snapping a picture of him while he was at the radio booth.  But he had just finished and started walking towards the exit.  Having no shame, I went up to him and introduced myself as the “Fantasy Sports Judge” and asked if he would mind taking a picture with a lifelong Giants fan.  He could not have been more gracious.  Simms asked the guy he was with to take the picture for us and he shook my hand.  It couldn’t have worked out any better.

It was also very nice hearing from a reporter for Jersey Man Magazine that Fantasy Judgment was the most creative and unique business concept at the show.  I realize that many people weren’t aware that a service like this exists, so it was a good feeling when people were blown away that it does.  Thanks to everyone for your support.  I am very proud of what we accomplished in showcasing the great services that Fantasy Judgment provides.

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