Fantasy Baseball Headlines – May 17, 2011

It was a busy and eventful day in baseball, both real and fantasy.  Every Tuesday night, I write a column for Fantasy Alarm ( doing a Top Ten list of newsworthy events happening in baseball and analyzing any potential fantasy impact.  You can view the full article at   Here are some of the headlines that I selected with my writeups:

Jose, Can You See? – I am man enough to admit when I am wrong.  I have been dead wrong about Jose Bautista since the 2010 All-Star Game.  At that time, I bet my father that Bautista wouldn’t even end up the season with 30 homeruns because I felt he was a fluke and the law of averages would catch up.  I ended up taking my father for a nice dinner because Bautista would go on to hit 54 homeruns.  Coming into 2011, I didn’t even put Bautista on any of my draft lists, scout teams, or draft room queues.  I figured he had a Brady Anderson-type season and would revert back to being the pedestrian hitter he always was.  But I was wrong again.  Bautista is coming off a weekend where he hit five more homeruns, including three in one game.  He currently leads all of baseball with 16 homeruns and is on pace to shatter his record from last year.  Whether it’s steroids, human growth hormone, maturity, or even just natural talent, Bautista is a fantasy stud and can be relied upon for maximum production across the board.

Vin-dictive – Royals pitcher Vin Mazzaro redefined what it means to take one for the team.  On Monday, Mazzaro entered the game against the Indians in the first inning after Kyle Davies was removed due to injury.  Mazzaro proceeded to give up 14 runs in two and a third innings.  According to STATS LLC, he has the distinction of being only the third pitcher since 1947 to allow that many runs in a game.  As a result of this historic performance, Mazzaro’s ERA ballooned to 22.47.  To reward him for his efforts, the Royals promptly demoted him to Triple-A following the game.  If Mazzaro was on your fantasy team in the first place, then you probably have many other problems to worry about.  Just remember, the next time a pitcher has to take a beating for the good of the team, you can say he is taking a “Mazzaro.”

There’s Something About A-Rod – When he is not having popcorn shoved down his throat by Cameron Diaz, Alex Rodriguez moonlights as the third baseman for the New York Yankees.  A-Rod has been struggling since he returned from his oblique injury a few weeks ago, and as A-Rod goes, so go the Yankees.  On Tuesday night, A-Rod slugged two solo homeruns in helping the Yankees end their six-game losing streak.  Could this be the beginning of a hot streak for A-Rod?  He is certainly due, and if he is feeling more comfortable at the plate, then he could be on the brink of a major tear.  Buy low on A-Rod and expect first class results. 

Hanley’s Horrors – The proverbial god of roto baseball players, Hanley Ramirez is consistently one of the top five fantasy players drafted due to his unique combination of high average, power, and speed.  However, none of that is working for him in 2011.  He is currently hitting .204 with two homeruns, fourteen RBI, twenty runs scored, and eight stolen bases. This is not the production anticipated with such a high draft pick.  He looks lost at the plate and is letting his emotions get the best of him at times.  Fantasy owners should start inquiring with fellow league members what trade possibilities may exist for Hanley.  Granted, he is slumping mightily, but just mentioning his name in trade talks should elicit some real offers.  It is surprising that he has struggled so much given the firepower in the Marlins’ lineup, including Chris Coghlan, Gaby Sanchez, Logan Morrison and Mike Stanton.  

Save the Drama for Posada – They don’t call baseball players the “boys of summer” for no reason.  Yankees’ designated hitter Jorge Posada pulled a cardinal no-no in baseball acumen by asking out of the lineup on Saturday when he was scheduled to bat ninth in Joe Girardi’s lineup.  Posada, a 16-year veteran, came into that game batting .165 and without any indications of being able to find his stroke.  Posada apologized to Girardi the next day, but the damage was done as the Yankee veteran suffered from some impulsive and momentary Little League-like tantrum.  Posada was viewed as a steal in fantasy drafts this year because he was eligible at catcher but would be a full-time DH in a powerful lineup.  Things haven’t worked out that way thus far.  Girardi has demonstrated his loyalty to the man who ironically took Girardi’s starting catcher job in 1998.  Posada was used as a pinch hitter on Sunday, and then he was back in the lineup on Tuesday night where he collected two hits.  Maybe he needed to hit rock bottom before getting back to the Mendoza Line.  Buy low on Posada and bank on some of that Yankee magic.

We’ll be Wright Back – As if things couldn’t get any worse for the New York Mets, it was revealed on Monday that all-star third baseman David Wright has a stress fracture in his lower back.  It does make sense considering how poorly Wright has performed thus far in 2011.  While he refuses to use the diagnosis as an excuse for his lack of production, the reality is that it likely affected every facet of his game.  Wright’s batting average has been uncharacteristically low and he has struck out at an alarming rate (even compared to his strikeout totals from 2009 and 2010).  He will spend some time on the disabled list doing absolutely nothing, so at a minimum he will be out for a month, and maybe longer.  This does not bode well for fantasy owners who spent a lot of auction dollars or a high draft pick on the second best third baseman on the board.  Stash Wright on your disabled list and start looking for a replacement because it is possible you aren’t going to get much out of Wright the rest of the year.

Remembering a Legend – This isn’t relevant to fantasy baseball, but I would be remiss as a baseball fan if I didn’t acknowledge the unfortunate passing of Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew.  “The Killer” lost his battle with cancer today just days after he announced he was stopping treatment for his esophageal cancer.  The former Minnesota Twin was always one of the most popular players of his time and all future generations.  He was a great ambassador for the game of baseball and will be greatly missed.  In his career, he produced statistics commensurate with a first round pick in any fantasy baseball draft format.  RIP Harmon Killebrew.

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