Baseball is back…hope springs eternal.

The 2010 baseball season is now underway.  It couldn’t have come soon enough.  As a Mets’ fan, I was anxiously awaiting the beginning of the season as a way to cleanse my memory and soul of the disaster that was 2009.  I had the fortune of attending the Opening Day game against the Marlins on April 5, 2010 at the new and improved Citi Field.  Finally, I could tell who the home team was.  The Mets’ Hall of Fame and Museum was a pleasant addition to the ballpark as it showcased much of the team’s history.  Regardless of the fact this should have been done last year, it is here now and should be cherished by those who bleed blue and orange. 

The 1969 World Series trophy is proudly displayed.

The game itself was tremendous as Johan Santana was his usual splendid self.  Coming off an arm injury and a shaky spring training, Santana once again demonstrated why he is the ace and one of the best pitchers of this era.  He went out and did what he needed to do by shutting down an anemic Marlins’ lineup.  The offense was good enough as David Wright hit a HR in his first at bat, leaving him only 9 behind his total from last year.  Newcomers Jason Bay, Gary Matthews, Jr.,  and Rod Barajas all contributed to the impressive 7-1 win, marking the Mets’ 5th straight Opening Day victory and giving them a MLB-best 32-17 record on baseball’s first day.

Before the game, I was interviewed by SNY about the Mets’ prospects for the season and what Opening Day means to me.  Look for it to air on Mets Weekly this Saturday, April 10.

Mike Stein of Fantasy Judgment provides his analysis and predictions for the Mets' 2010 season.

Moving on to fantasy baseball, the OBFBL began its 12th season this week.  Albert Pujols once again proved why he is the unanimous best player in baseball – both real and fantasy.  He opened the 2010 season going 4-5 with two homeruns, thus justifying his selection as the first overall pick.  Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay also justified their selections as the top two pitchers taken in the draft by getting victories and putting up major points in their 2010 debuts. 

However, the MVP of the first couple days has to be Placido Polanco of the Phillies.  He has marked his return to Philadelphia with a bang, including a grand slam and 6 RBI day against Washington on April 5.  Polanco has found a nice home hitting in between Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley in a loaded Phillies’ lineup. 

And FYI, in keeping with my tradition of incorporating “Giant Douche” into my team name, this year my team name is “There is no Giant Douche, only Zool.”  I have used a picture of the Giant Douche mascot from South Park as my logo over the last 4 years, but this year I changed it up a bit to go with my team name. 

After being possessed by Gozer the Gozerian, Dana Barrett became Zool. She has a lovely singing voice.

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