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Over the last decade, the fantasy sports industry has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of prosperity, innovation, and participation.  However, fantasy sports leagues are only governed by a set of rules written and enforced by a league commissioner who is also likely a league member.  Most times, the statistical services that run fantasy sports leagues are of no assistance in implementing league rules or settling issues that arise.  That is where we come in. 
Whether there is a question over the validity of a trade, interpretation of one of the league's rules, or an issue comes up that has never been addressed before, you need an unbiased, independent decision-maker to settle your dispute.  Fantasy Judgment is comprised of a 5-person panel of judges with a wealth of fantasy sports experience and professional backgrounds that enable us to settle all disputes in a timely, judicious manner.  We guarantee a professionally written opinion within 24 hours of receipt of your dispute.  So don't ruin your fantasy sports experience with a fantasy dispute - instead, resolve your issue with a Fantasy Judgment.

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